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September 30, 2021

Breaking News

A New Gout Drug Is Approved

A small but significant percentage of people with gout do not find relief from the standard drug treatments. For them, there is a new gout treatment called pegloticase (Krystexxa), which works differently from other available drugs.... Read more »

Feeling Good

What Psychotherapy Can Do for You

Stress, depression, and feelings of helplessness can lead to increased arthritis pain and difficulty coping. Psychotherapy is one way to attend to your emotional well-being. You might have preconceived ideas about getting mental-health treatment: Perhaps you consider it a sign of weakness or think that it's only for people who are “crazy.” Neither of these ideas is true.... Read more »

Taking Healthy Steps

Resources for Managing Depression

Depression gets less attention than many of the other conditions that frequently accompany arthritis. But it can be just as serious, exacerbating the symptoms of arthritis and making them more difficult to cope with. The good news is that depression does not need to be weathered silently and alone; it can be effectively treated.... Read more »

Featured Recipe

Grilled Cheese and Pear Sandwich

Add interest to the standard grilled cheese sandwich with mustard and a few slices of fresh, juicy pear. Serve with a low-sodium vegetable soup for a quick, easy, and healthful lunch.... Read more »

Featured Definition


Medicines that are used to treat clinical depression but also may have beneficial effects when used to treat the chronic pain disorder fibromyalgia. There are several types of antidepressants, and they work in different ways to increase the levels of chemicals called neurotransmitters in the brain.... Read more »

September 16, 2021

Breaking News

Older People May Benefit From Rotator Cuff Repair

A recent study has found that surgery to repair a tear in the rotator cuff — often recommended for younger people — can also relieve pain and improve shoulder function in people 70 and older.... Read more »

Living Well

Caring for Your Amazing Hands

Because we rely so much on our hands for our daily activities, we need them to function well. We need them to be strong and flexible, with joints that move smoothly. But the pain of arthritis can limit the way we use our hands, and so can the loss of flexibility and strength that arthritis often brings. Fortunately, there are ways to protect the hands and maintain their mobility and strength.... Read more »

In Charge of Your Health

Surgery of the Hand and Wrist

When arthritis strikes the hands or wrists, it can change how they look, cause pain, and make it difficult for us to do things we’ve taken for granted, from opening a door to grasping a cup of coffee to working at a computer. If treatment doesn't provide adequate relief, or if the arthritis has affected the position of the fingers or wrist so that the hand can’t function well, surgery may be the answer.... Read more »

Featured Recipe

Chocolate Cream Pie

Want a delicious dessert that's easy on your hands? This chocolate confection uses premade piecrust, saving you needless kneading and rolling.... Read more »

Featured Definition

Paraffin Bath

A form of heat therapy used to treat joint and muscle pain from arthritis. Special tubs are used to warm paraffin wax, into which the user dips the painful foot, hand, or elbow.... Read more »

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Breaking News

Many People Not Getting Recommended RA Drugs

Feeling Good


Living Well With RA

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Your Heart

Featured Recipe

Sweet Roasted Almonds

Featured Definition

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

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