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June 16, 2021

Breaking News

Joint Replacement Riskier at Low-Volume Hospitals

A recent study finds that people who have a hip or knee replacement at hospitals that do not perform as many of these surgeries may be at greater risk of blood clots and other surgical complications.... Read more »


Drugs for Arthritis Pain

Whether arthritis is caused by cartilage breakdown (osteoarthritis) or a disordered immune system (rheumatoid arthritis), sooner or later it will cause pain. Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that is brought on by damage — or the perception of damage — to the body’s tissues. But how does pain actually work in the body?... Read more »

In Charge of Your Health

Taking Your Medicines Safely

If you take more than one prescription drug, you may wonder if you’re doing all you can when it comes to taking your medicines safely. Do you know enough about the possible side effects? Are you sure about the dose? Did you get the correct medicine at the pharmacy? Are you storing your medicines properly?... Read more »


Cajun Rub

Rubbing meat with a spice mixture before grilling or roasting it adds a ton of flavor — without piling on fat and calories. The next time you're grilling chicken or ribs, give them a Cajun kick with this spicy rub.... Read more »

Featured Definition


A form of alternative medicine that involves administering very small amounts of a substance that in normal doses would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease being treated.... Read more »

June 2, 2021

Breaking News

Arthritis Prevents Obese Adults From Exercising

Physical activity can help people lose weight and relieve the symptoms of their arthritis. Unfortunately, a new study from the CDC has found that joint pain frequently keeps obese people with arthritis from being active. The study highlights the need for joint-friendly exercise.... Read more »


How to Be a Good Self-Manager

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people with bad arthritis are able to lead full and happy lives, while others are constantly focused on the pain and how they are not able to do things? The difference between these two groups is not their arthritis — it is how they manage it.... Read more »


The Road to Becoming a Good Self-Advocate

To live well with arthritis, it’s essential that you take an active role in your health care — in other words, you must become a good self-advocate. Many people find that by being more involved in their care and learning to empower themselves, they can combat depression and anxiety and achieve a better quality of life.... Read more »


Tangy Mousse With Strawberries

A refreshing, lemony mousse is a perfect treat for warming weather. Featuring fresh strawberries, which are just coming into season, this dessert requires no oven time — so you won't break a sweat preparing it.... Read more »

Featured Definition


An important characteristic of good self-managers, self-efficacy is a person's confidence in his or her ability to complete a task, solve a problem, or achieve a goal. Improving self-efficacy can help people with arthritis feel more in control of their condition.... Read more »

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