July 14, 2021

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In two recent health-care developments, Medicare is highlighting the many free preventive screenings it offers, and the federal government is making it easier to join some high-risk insurance pools.

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When Arthritis Affects Your Relationship
Taking Healthy Steps

When Arthritis Affects Your Relationship

Staying together is a challenge for many couples, but a chronic illness can make it even tougher. Arthritis often brings physical, emotional, and financial demands that can drive couples apart. Good communication and coping skills are essential for maintaining a strong and loving relationship.

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Good Communication: Techniques for Success
Self-Management Strategies

Good Communication: Techniques for Success

Because the effects of arthritis are often invisible, it is important to be clear with friends and family members, letting them know how you feel, what you need, and what you are able (and unable) to do. As we all know, this isn’t always easy, but a few basic techniques can help you improve your communication skills.

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Blueberry Cobbler
Featured Recipe

Blueberry Cobbler

In midsummer, blueberries are at their best. Pick up a few pints at your local market and enjoy this classic treat — a delicious blueberry cobbler that's quick and easy to prepare.

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A common inherited disorder characterized by the excessive absorption and storage of iron in the body. Hemochromatosis may produce symptoms similar to those of arthritis.

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